Up even earlier to have our bags collected, eat breakfast and have a send off from the ranch. We left at 7:00 for Tegucigalpa with 2 breaks before lunch at the Menonite’s restaurant.

We arrived in the Capitol about 3:00 and went to the Maya Hotel. I met a fella in the lobby that was so excited that he had met Vince Dooley, of all people, in the lobby of a hotel in Tegucigalpa. I suppose he realized that I might be in the same group as Vince, so he asked and I confirmed. He was really impressed that Vince was doing the kind of work that he was doing.

We took a shower, then headed down to the bar to watch the football game between Honduras and Mexico. Everyone was there and some were wearing a blue and white cowboy hat in honor of Honduras. Some had a Honduran flag painted on their faces or arms. It looked bad for Honduras, but they came back in the last few minutes to tie it up. It was great fun to be with the Hondurans during the game. It was much like going to a GT game. Bob bought a couple of rounds, then we headed to dinner. We were invited to a party with some politically connected Hondurans and were shown a movie of our trip last year along with a couple of PowerPoints. We finally got out of that and met at an outside bar. Ken bought the first round, then Richard bought us a second round. In bed by midnight.


About lynntclarke

I am an attorney by trade, but love to travel. I am in my "golden" years and decided to blog about some of my trips, mainly to keep a diary of my experiences, so that I can do picture books for my travels and remember what I did each day. When you travel, you tend to forget the day before as you are having such wonderful new experiences. The blog will be there forever, I suppose, but memories fade fast. I hope you learn something worthwhile as you read. If not, then that is okay, too. Enjoy your own travels!!!

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