We actually started from Atlanta yesterday with a late flight, but arrived here about 9:30AM. I had arranged for a car because there were 6 of us and I just couldn’t see everyone traipsing through the airport, to the Metro, on the street with suitcases and then on the street again to find the apartment. This year I am traveling with my 2 children, their spouses and my one 11 year old grandchild. We were very pleased with the size, cleanliness and location of the apartment and we are very close to the Tetuan and Girona Metro Stations. We have a very nice grocery very close by, so we shopped for groceries first, then had lunch close by at an outdoor cafe. The owner was very nice. It was cool in the shade, so we came back to the apartment to pick up sweaters and went back out again to see how far the Sagrada Familia is – just minutes by foot. It is in the middle of a non- descript neighborhood, but is pretty magnificent. We took a few pictures and then decided to head back towards our apartment. We walked to the Tetuan Metro Station, but stopped for a glass of wine on the way. We also checked out another store for coffee filters and walked on back to the apartment. We took note of close by bakeries for our breakfast food. We have one just a few steps away. We are terribly jet-lagged, so we will turn in early, since we have an all-day private tour scheduled for tomorrow.


About lynntclarke

I am an attorney by trade, but love to travel. I am in my "golden" years and decided to blog about some of my trips, mainly to keep a diary of my experiences, so that I can do picture books for my travels and remember what I did each day. When you travel, you tend to forget the day before as you are having such wonderful new experiences. The blog will be there forever, I suppose, but memories fade fast. I hope you learn something worthwhile as you read. If not, then that is okay, too. Enjoy your own travels!!!

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  1. Margaret long says:

    Lynn, I am so excited for you! I loved Barcelona. Did you go inside the Sagrada Familia? Absolutely amazing! The neighborhood cafes and bakeries are wonderful. Make sure you eat Paella and a chocolate filled croissant. Be careful on the La Rambla and the ticket areas of the Metro. Known for pickpockets.
    Margaret Long

    • lynntclarke says:

      yes, wer decided to spring for a private tour and walked right in. We walked down Las Ramblas and into the Gothic Quarter and shopped in La Boqueria for lunch. Read on for today and you will see what we did today.

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