Our original plans were to take a couple of side trips, but there was so much to do that we only left once. The people there were so wonderful and the Catalans were so proud of who they were and who they are!!! They display their flags EVERYWHERE and that is just so awesome. I am proud to be an American and when someone asks or notices, it makes me happy. I suspect the Catalans are the same. They would tell us how to pronounce their words, if we said it in Spanish.

There were garbage cans everywhere and large containers for recycling on every block and I believe they may have been emptied daily. The streets weren’t perfectly clean, but they were pretty darn good.

I have never been on vacation where I have walked so much!!! There was so much that was close by and sometimes we felt it would take as long to ride the Metro as to to walk. Shannon and I even walked rather than take the rest of our ride that we have already paid for. The Google map app was so wonderful and you can even plan out your Metro ride, including walking AND buses. The weather was the best — cool at night and warm during the day.

I have decided that Rick Steves books are really good and I will plan my next trip using one and then probably take it with me.

I really like getting an apartment and staying in one place and getting to know a city and its people.

In Barcelona, don’t ever be in a hurry to eat.  We also decided that we might know how tapas originated.  If there are several people at the table, your orders never come out at the same time.  They come out as they cook them.  It is best to share food or you may be sitting there after everyone else has finished, waiting on your food, so SHARE!!!  It worked really well for us and it was fu to sample different types of food at one restaurant.

Traveling with my family was absolutely the best! I raised 2 good travelers and they married good travelers. I have traveled with some bad travelers and they can really bring you down. You have to keep reminding them that they are on vacation and need to enjoy the moment. My kids were aware the entire time that they were on vacation and enjoyed every minute of it. They were late sleepers, but I found it was a great time to do things on my own that they wouldn’t enjoy, including writing about the trip.

Traveling abroad makes me laugh at America, Americans and myself, which is a GOOD thing.  We should never take ourselves so seriously. Traveling abroad also makes me love my country even more than before, if that is even possible. 😍


About lynntclarke

I am an attorney by trade, but love to travel. I am in my "golden" years and decided to blog about some of my trips, mainly to keep a diary of my experiences, so that I can do picture books for my travels and remember what I did each day. When you travel, you tend to forget the day before as you are having such wonderful new experiences. The blog will be there forever, I suppose, but memories fade fast. I hope you learn something worthwhile as you read. If not, then that is okay, too. Enjoy your own travels!!!

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  1. What a fabulous trip! While you were in Spain I was in Korea. I could not muster the energy to write my blog about the RI convention this time and I regret it a little. I had a great time. I was very busy and I loved it. We will have to get together soon and compare notes.

    • lynntclarke says:

      Yes, you just have to make a point of it. I have always kept travel diaries, but never online, sharing with others until a couple of years ago. So glad you enjoyed Seoul. I visited there several years ago. I still have my tea cups made of celadon, which they used to bake in caves. Not sure they still do that. Thanks for commenting on my blog. See you soon!!!!!

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