We woke up a little earlier this day, since we had to have our bags on the porch for pickup at 6:00AM. The breakfast bell rang on time and we had our last meal at the ranch. The staff had a devotional after breakfast in the dining hall because it was still misting outside and no one wanted to get wet for the long drive back to Tegucigalpa. The staff came around and either shook our hands or hugged us and wished us safe travels back home. We loaded the buses up and headed back to Tegucigalpa. There were times that the fog was so thick, you could barely see in front of you. It was a little frightening coming out of the mountains and we hoped our drivers knew the road well. They did. We stopped at the Francisco Morazon park that we had seen on the way out. A lot had been done to the area, since I first came and it was very pretty. Then we made our way in to Jutecalpa for a short break.

As usual, we ate lunch at the Menonite bakery, which was okay, then made our way into Tegucigalpa. We arrived about 3:00PM and headed down to the bar to discuss our week. Then we took our shower and some stayed in the hotel and ate dinner, but some of us went out for dinner. We went out and one of the HOI guards actually went with us. It was a kind of a kick to go out to dinner with a guard — gun and all. Cindy and I will stay another day, so will probably take a trip to see the Jesus statue and then fly home on Sunday. Several others are staying a little later and have all sorts of different plans.


About lynntclarke

I am an attorney by trade, but love to travel. I am in my "golden" years and decided to blog about some of my trips, mainly to keep a diary of my experiences, so that I can do picture books for my travels and remember what I did each day. When you travel, you tend to forget the day before as you are having such wonderful new experiences. The blog will be there forever, I suppose, but memories fade fast. I hope you learn something worthwhile as you read. If not, then that is okay, too. Enjoy your own travels!!!

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