I am a 63 year old female attorney (the year 2016) and I like to travel.  I am a Rotarian and am a member of a35 member club in rural Georgia in the United States.  I have 2 grown children and a grandchild.  I like to write blogs on the trips I take overseas, so that I can remember what I do each day.  When you travel, sometimes you see and do so much that it is hard to remember what exactly you did.  I used to keep a travel diary, so that I could remember the pictures that I took, i.e., exactly what were they and once I realized what blogging really was, I decided it would be a great way for me to keep a diary.  I decided to make them public a couple of years ago, since so many people like to read them.  I hope you get an idea or two about your travels when you read these.  I would be interested in where you have travelled, as well.


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  1. Jan Ros says:

    Hi Lynn! Sounds like you guys are having fun. Love the idea of keeping your “journal” on a blog. Smart!! Have fun and keep us posted on your trip. Warmly, Jan

    • lynntclarke says:

      Jan, while here, I think of you two often. It is wonderful to be able to travel with my children again and so many people are so nice to us. My son, Justin, is a big hit because they think he is a local. He has maybe 3 Spanish words, but apparently has “the look”. So far – so good. It is morning here and I am awaiting the rest to wake-up, so have posted 2 days of notes.

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